CM Punk earns his Jiu-Jitsu blue belt from coach Daniel Wanderlei

CM Punk continues to put in hard work to improve his abilities. Good for him!

CM Punk raised eyebrows when he said he was jumping from the WWE to the UFC. People looked pretty incredulously at him. After all, CM Punk wasn’t Brock Lesnar, a hulking monster who had a decorated amateur wrestling career. He instead has just focused and worked incredibly hard to get better in a room full of studs at Roufusport. He’s also training BJJ and was awarded his Blue Belt by his coach Daniel Wanderlei.

CM Punk made his UFC debut and was controlled handily by newcomer Mickey Gall. That said, he didn’t pout or take his ball and go home. He went back to the gym and has continued to improve. He wants another fight in the UFC and chances are he’ll get it. I don’t think CM Punk is interested in becoming a champion. His interest lies in testing himself and improving. This is a sign of that improvement. Congratulations to him for that.

It can’t be easy to completely change your career and get up every day with money in the bank, a beautiful wife, and a great life and get beat up in the gym. He does it, and all signs point to the fact that he loves it. I’d love to see him continue to train and fight again if it is what he truly wants. Win or lose, he has my respect.