It’s official, CM Punk will meet Michael Jackson at UFC 225

It’s official, CM Punk will meet Michael Jackson at UFC 225

CM Punk will fight in his hometown of Chicago on June 9th

This is an interesting world we’re living in. Former WWE champion and superstar CM Punk is making his second walk to the Octagon in June to face Michael Jackson. What makes this fight so interesting is that the UFC is often advertised as the elite brand of MMA. The best of the best fight there. For the first time that I can ever remember, this fight features two professional¬†fighters who have never won a professional fight.

The two will meet on the PPV part of the card, neither has ever won a fight. Another interesting tidbit is both of their losses came to the same fighter, Mickey Gall. If you’re looking for a comparison, CM Punk last nearly three minutes in his fight with Gall while Jackson failed to make it out of the first minute.

Whether either of them is deserving of a spot in the UFC (they’re not) the Chicago fans will certainly be happy to see CM Punk. The city loves him and will undoubtedly rally around him. The fight itself, I guess someone has to win, right?

UFC 225 takes place June 9th, and the card can be seen here.