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DC’s boxing coach who shoved Lesnar, Rosendo Sanchez, speaks

If you watch the Brock Lesnar/Daniel Cormier post-fight fracas, you can see that there was one person who was not in on the joke. DC’s boxing trainer, Rosendo Sanchez, backed DC up after Cormier was shoved by Lesnar. Sanchez was filming the moment and was all smiles up to the point where everything jumped off.

Sanchez actually shoved Lesnar after Lesnar pushed Cormier. Everyone in the cage was laughing and smiling because they were all keen on what was really going on. However, they forgot to give Sanchez the memo. Brock goes about 6’5 and around 300 pounds. Sanchez, let’s just say he’s a lot smaller. I’m not even sure Brock knew he was there.

Sanchez insists that DC is going to smash Brock when they meet in the cage. I don’t disagree with him.