Cody Garbrandt is in Thailand. Has explosive session at AKA Thailand

Cody Garbrandt is in Thailand. Has explosive session at AKA Thailand

Cody Garbrandt impressed everyone as he trained at the renowned AKA Thailand Gym in Phuket.

One of the greatest fighters on earth is spending some time honing his skills in Thailand. Cody Garbrandt spent his Saturday training with arguably two of the very best Thai instructors on earth. Laimangkon Chuwattana and his brother Lamsongkram. Both are exclusively at AKA Thailand now and both have vast experience that can upgrade anyone’s game.

Lam was flown from Thailand on multiple occasions to work with Georges St-Pierre on three previous camps. The two trainers put AKA Thailand at the forefront when it comes to honing in your Muay Thai techniques for MMA. There’s simply a level of experience and training you can’t easily find anywhere else.

Cody was said to have looked very sharp in his training, despite certainly feeling the consequences of jetlag. He, however, wasted no time in getting busy and put on quite a show for those lucky enough to be in the gym training at the time. Mike Swick told me first hand that he trained “Like a savage” and he was impressed with what Cody brought to the gym.

Cody will be spending some time in stunning Thailand training and traveling the area. His time there will be valuable there as he experiences the training available as well as the amazing sites and experiences of Thailand.

If you are interested in training with the elite at AKA Thailand head over to their website and take a look.

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