College football kicker needs tight end, cause he sucks at fighting

College football kicker needs tight end, cause he sucks at fighting

When you are a college kicker and get beat up by a frat guy wearing a Santa hat, it may be time to hand in your man card. That or call your tight end, Ryan Izzo, to save your ass. That’s exactly what Florida State kicker, Ricky Aguayo, did. The fight went down a year ago, but the footage was just released today.

Andrea Adelson of ESPN wrote:

“According to the police report, filed last Dec. 2, Aguayo told police he was walking in front of the Pi Kappa Phi house at approximately 3 a.m. when fraternity members sitting on the front porch started yelling at him about missing two field goals against the Gators.

Aguayo told police he was rushed by several members and punched in the face and on “various other places on his body.” He had someone call tight end Ryan Izzo to help him get home. Aguayo declined treatment and said he would have trainers look at his nose. He also declined to press charges and refused to provide a written statement.”

After watching this video, it didn’t look like Aguayo was “Rushed” by anyone. In fact, he looked like the instigator.

Then again, it’s hard to tell what is going on when you throw punches like a six-year-old kid. We watch the greatest fighters in the world fight, but for some reason, watching guys who have never thrown a punch in their life seems more intriguing.