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NFL commissioner is the worst job in all of sports, says Dana White

When the president of a multi-billion dollar company like the UFC says you have the worst job in all of sports, you may want to reconsider your career choices. You hear that Commissioner Goodell? Your job is the most thankless shitshow of a job and according to Dana White, you aren’t being paid enough.

30 million reasons a year may be why Roger Goodell sticks with his job, but Dana is right, it’s not worth the headache and isn’t nearly enough money. Whether some player in the NFL is getting arrested for keeping it real off of the field or someone kneels during the National Anthem, Goodell is putting out fires all day, every day.

Trying to figure out how to tackle Tom Brady without actually touching him can be a tough job and Goodell is doing his best. However, even someone like White knows that his job managing a dolly through a bus window is nowhere near what Goodell deals with on a daily basis.

Every day is ‘Dolly Through a Bus Window Day’ in the NFL.