T-City not very complimentary when describing the style of Khabib

Brian ‘T-City’ Ortega was recently on a Metro PCS panel with some of his UFC peers and weighed in on Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov. As it turns out, Ortega seems like he’s very unimpressed with Khabib. In fact, he wasn’t complimentary about his fight skills at all.

“From what I saw in that Michael Johnson fight, his chin is not that great. His standup is not something that you look at and go, ‘Oh it’s too amazing’, where you can’t mess with him on the feet. The only thing he’s got on everyone is that he can take you to the cage, put that pressure on you, work that single leg, take you down, grind you out, get your arms tired in the first round. Then you stand up and once your arms are puffed out; He does that for the rest of the rounds, and pretty much scores a decision.

I want to fight Khabib. I have no business in the lightweight division, nor do I want to go up there. I want to rule the ’45 division. But, if there’s one guy that I look at stylistic wise, it’s Khabib.”

Like Kevin Lee said in the video, “Get in line, Mr Ortega”.