Conor McGregor proves to be Bellator’s brightest star

Conor McGregor proves to be Bellator’s brightest star

The numbers are in for Bellator 187 and as it turns out, Conor McGregor is Bellator’s brightest star. That, or people really wanted to see AJ McKee vs Brian Moore.

Bellator 187 took a big hit when the main event lost rising Irish fighter, James Gallagher, to injury. Also, the event was to be shown via tape delay to America. The bottom line is, the event more than likely wasn’t going to be watched by a large audience.

During the event, Conor McGregor felt that Bellator needed a ratings push. We saw him jump the cage and celebrate with his friend Charlie Ward after he knocked John Redmond out. If the McGregor appearance alone wasn’t enough; He decided to fight with officials, run like a weirdo, and verbally berate Marc Goddard.

Wisely, Bellator released the McGregor footage on their Twitter that morning and of course, it went viral.

According to representatives from Spike, Bellator 187 wound up averaging 621,000 viewers, due to the McGregor-created buzz. The opening half-hour of the show (Where McGregor went nuts) topped one million viewers.

Dana White must be so pissed at Conor for giving the UFC’s direct competition a free ratings boost.

Conor provided the blueprint on how to run a successful MMA event: Make sure Conor McGregor is there and people will watch.