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Conor McGregor gets expensive sculpture of himself for his birthday

What do you get for the man who has everything?

Conor McGregor has a ton of money. I mean, dude is the fourth highest paid athlete in the world last year.  Conor has it all. Money, fame, a family and now, a life-like sculpture that bears his likeness. The statue is a gift from Lithuanian artist Edgar Askelovic.

The marble and silicone statue weighs in at 224 pounds and won’t be going straight to the McGregor residence. It will first make a stop in a London art gallery will it will be on display until the end of September.

Gareth Davies posted some images of the statue via Twitter and the statue is really cool. It looks very much like McGregor and I am certain Conor is very appreciative. The value of the statue is said to be about £50,000 which is just north of $65,000.00. Take a look at the statue below and see for yourself how cool it is.