Some how, some way, Conor McGregor is taking shots at the Kardashians

Some how, some way, Conor McGregor is taking shots at the Kardashians

It was only a matter of time before the biggest star in mixed martial arts found himself in the same sentence as the biggest stars in reality television. Yes it’s true, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor is now taking shots at the Kardashians.

After taking this boss photo with former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta –

– where Conor discussed the “highest paid” tag, TMZ posted a video of him discussing the highest paid reality TV stars .

While talking with GQ during a recent visit to Los Angeles, he was asked what he plans on doing while he was in L.A.

His answer?

“Maybe I’ll search for Khloe’s [Kardashian] big fat a*s. She’s been floating around Malibu, I don’t give a **** about them [The Kardashians]. I just want to see them in the flesh, just to see what the big fat as*es on them look like.”

If ever there was a spot to place the thinking face emoji, this is it.

As everyone is well aware by now, Conor is in Las Vegas to hash things out with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and to allegedly get the ball rolling on discussions with Floyd Mayweather and the UFC regarding a match.

Not to read too much into the picture above with Fertitta, but could Conor be looking for the billionaire to be a part of the process in getting the fight made? Conor and Lorenzo appear to be close, and Dana and Lorenzo are of course long time friends, so it’s not necessarily crazy to think so.

Whether or not that’s the case, there is still a ways to go in getting a fight of that magnitude, and with those many variables, made.

In the meantime, feast your ears and eyes on the video below to hear the rest of what Conor had to say about the Kardashians.