Conor McGregor makes the 2017 ‘TIME Most Influential People’ list.

Conor McGregor just made THE list. It was announced today that McGregor was added to the 2017 ‘TIME most influential people’ list. I can’t say I’m surprised that he is one of the most prominent people on Earth. Hell, we’ve written articles about his fans getting tattoos of McGregor’s tattoos.

Making the 2017 class of influential people is most impressive, due to the fact that he hasn’t even stepped in the cage this year. He is enjoying his sabbatical waiting for baby McGregor to arrive and is still having an effect on people. Usually, when people go away, their star begins to fade. However, with Conor, it’s shining brighter than ever.

While making the list is an honor, his celebrity peer who wrote about him is even more impressive. Arnold Schwarzenegger had this to say about the notorious one.

“Conor McGregor is more than a fighter, more than an athlete, more than a champion—although, as the first person in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to hold titles in two weight divisions at once, he is clearly all of those things. Conor is also the rare personality who has become bigger than his sport. That lean, compact body must struggle to keep his enormous character inside.
From the first time I met Conor, I knew he wasn’t the type of star you could box into one category. Since I’ve gotten to know him, I can tell you that what you see on the screen—the now familiar face of mixed martial arts—just scratches the surface. The Dublin native is razor-sharp, disciplined and charismatic. His energy is absolutely contagious, to the point where you almost start shouting in an Irish accent after 30 seconds of hearing that world-famous mouth.
Conor has a fire in his belly that can’t be quenched with championship belts. There are no brakes that can stop his engine.”

Arnold’s run in America has been nothing short of spectacular. He was the winner of multiple Mr Olympia contests, he became a billionaire movie star, married a Kennedy, and was elected as the Governor of California. THAT is who wrote about Conor McGregor being an icon. I’d be lucky if my wife said something nice about me.

It’s incredible to see Conor’s journey come to fruition. He went being broke and living out of his car, to becoming a global superstar in under four years. That, friends, is impressive.

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