Conor McGregor involved in some drama over treatment of rented Rolls Royce

Conor is in hot water with the company he rents his Rolls Royce from.

File this under the “c’mon man” heading. Conor McGregor loves to show off his wealth and possessions. I mean, he doesn’t just like it, he loves it.  The problem is if you don’t own it, and you just rent it, you should probably act accordingly.  In the picture below, Conor was standing on the hood of one of his Rolls Royce cars, or he’d have you think that. While stating he “runs the entire city”, he must’ve forgotten he doesn’t own the car he’s standing on.

Liverpool we run your entire city

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The car was rented from Platinum Executive Travel and they are none too pleased with Conor standing on the hood of their car.  The situation came to light when Lord Aleem, (real name Aleem Iqbal) posted a feisty response to McGregor’s post.  In the reply, he stated, “When you own one Conor you can stand on it like Floyd…until then you can lose your deposit for standing on mine.” Ouch.

McGregor has also been banned from future rentals from the company due to “the level of disrespect shown” by striking a pose on the hood of the 250,000.00 car, a spokesperson was noted as saying.

For Conor, the experience is a bit of an embarrassment and hopefully curbs him in the future from showing off rented possessions as if they belong to him.