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Covington boomeranged by Werdum, does FB Live after and bricks

In basketball, if you keep throwing up bricks, your own teammates will stop passing you the ball. If you continue to suck, your coach will sit you on the bench. Right now in MMA, Colby Covington has gone 3 for 28 from the field and nobody is taking him out of the game.

His antics have been very well documented over the last few months and we THOUGHT they were calculated. As it turns out, Covington really may not comprehend what is wrong and what is REALLY wrong.

After his bashing of Brazil a few weeks ago, Brazilians were none too happy with him. Fabricio Werdum appears to be one of those Brazilians. If you haven’t seen it, Werdum hit him with a boomerang when they crossed paths in Australia.

Incensed, Covington went on Facebook Live to show fans what a clown Werdum was. Instead, we got this:

Werdum and Conor McGregor already felt the wrath of the public when using the word ‘faggot’. I can’t imagine this is going to do Covington any favors. Of course, Covington says that he is going to ‘press charges’ against Werdum for assault. * Sigh*