Cowboy Cerrone: “Unfortunately, the ass whipping (Masvidal) is going to take is inevitable”

Cowboy Cerrone: “Unfortunately, the ass whipping (Masvidal) is going to take is inevitable”

Donald Cowboy Cerrone fights Jorge Masvidal tomorrow night at UFN: Denver. He’s doing what he normally does in preparation for any fight; Playing, training, and talking to the media. He sits down with Megan Olivi and answers questions in the most Cowboy Cerrone ways possible.

Cowboy fighting in Colorado

“I bought 58 tickets to this fight. If all else fails, there will be 58 screaming fans there.”

Jorge Masvidal

“He’s making up reasons to hate me. Just like everybody, they need to hate me. I don’t know why. I feel like I’m a pretty cool guy. Like, a ‘drink beer with you’ kind of guy.”

“I must’ve pissed on his cat or something.”

Getting called ‘Part time’ by Masvidal

“As a part-time fighter, I’m pretty active. Part Time! I’ve only lost to one guy since 2013. That’s pretty good! He thinks he’s coming to my home town and whipping my part-time ass? I don’t think so.”

Setting records being his motivation

“We are going to set them so far, no one’s even going to touch them.”

What he learned from the Matt Brown fight

“Learning how to dig deep again.”

“I’m sure he’s coming hard. He doesn’t want to lose. Unfortunately, the ass whipping (Masvidal) is going to take is inevitable.”

The title picture

“Down the road somewhere. Maybe one more fight. I gotta beat one of these Demian Maia or Robbie Lawler type guys.”

Nerves while acting

“Nah. You just fake it ’til you make it.”

Getting training in

“We just got back from Cabo. There was 7 of us down there. Everyone comes with me. We just train wherever we are. I don’t need to be in a gym setting to train. Not bad for a part-time gig.”