A crazy Lorenz Larkin story, that went down last night

It sounds like a crazy incident happened went down last night in Riverside, CA. The coach at Millennia MMA, Betiss Mansouri, told a wild story that involved some names in the MMA world. Most notably, Lorenz Larkin is the star of this story.

Mansouri posted to his Facebook:

“Crazy night tonight! Me, Lorenz Larkin, Jonathan Wilson, and a bunch of the amateur fighters went out to Classic Fight team in Costa Mesa for some sparring. After that we were heading home and Lorenz’s fiancé, Kelly, meets up with us at Friday’s restaurant in Riverside.

Towards the end of dinner, Kelly said her back was bothering her and that she wanted to leave. She left and in about 2 minutes, Lorenz’ phone starts ringing He picked up his phone and within 5 seconds, he bolts out of the restaurant. I wasn’t too sure if it was something serious, but the way he took off made me think something might have happened.

As I was closing my tab, Kelly calls me and she said to hurry up and come outside because someone broke into my car and took our bags and Lorenz chased him down the parking lot. So I immediately tell ‘Bravo’ and the Park Brothers to run outside and help Lorenz. I grabbed Lorenz’s credit card and I followed. By the time I got to the end of the parking lot the guy that took our bags was on the floor and Lorenz had our bags.

“Have no fear when the Monsoon is here!”