Cro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

Cro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

He’s said it before. Mirko Cro Cop has claimed retirement in the past and we believed him. To our delight, he came back and began teaching people how to drink their food through a straw again. Cro Cop was a guest on Nova TV earlier and gave the scenarios and variables that it would take for him to either retire or fight again.

”This is definitely my last tournament. Definitely the end of my career. I have medical problems. The only option remains some type of farewell fight in Japan. Only if I can rehabilitate my knee, with which I have a big problem. I never again want to go through what I went through in preparation for this tournament. I know I’ve often said I’m retired, but this really is the end.”

Between Google Translate and language getting lost in translation, period… Cro Cop is saying that at 42 years old, his fight career is coming to an end. He did not say this was absolutely his last fight. It may very well be, but he maintains that a return can be a possibility. As far as tournaments go, Cro Cop knew this one was his last.

“My team contributed to the tournament success. I had a superb camp. It was probably the best in my career, because I knew this would be my final tournament. In the end, things couldn’t have worked out better.”

It sounds like winning this tournament was the final achievement on a most legendary career. His final fight in the RIZIN GP against Amir Aliakbari could of been the last time we will see the Croatian Cop. Hardcore fans would rather see him call it a day, than participate in a farewell fight in Japan, which would most likely be a freakshow mismatch. Ultimately, the choice is his. If this is the end for Cro Cop, we at thank him for YEARS of violent delights.

Right kick, hospital. Left kick, cemetery.


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