CSAC says four fighters should move up in weight following UFC Fresno

CSAC says four fighters should move up in weight following UFC Fresno

The CSAC is on the leading edge of one of MMA’s”weighty” issues.

The California State Athletic Commission wants fighters to stay within ten percent of their body weight from when they weigh-in to when they compete in the Octagon. Four of the fighters on the UFC Fresno card failed to do so. As a result, the CSAC recommends they move up or they risk not being licensed in California without extensive medical records from a doctor saying the cut meets the CSAC standards.

For instance, Marlon Moraes weighed 135.4 the day prior to his bout with Aljamain Sterling. On fight night, Marlon had ballooned up to 155 pounds.  That is more than the 10 percent allowance the CSAC allows, in fact, it is some 14 percent increase. Iuri Alcantara also gained back 14 percent, as did Luke Sanders.

The most egregious gain came courtesy of Davi Ramos who weighed in at 155.8 for his fight with Chris Gruetzemacher and entered the Octagon at 179. That’s a 15 percent increase in weight.

It remains to be seen, what if any of this means moving forward. Fighters can simply opt to not take fights under the CSAC watch and keep the big weight cuts happening. It is however nice to see the CSAC leading the way in attempting to fix one of MMA’s most glaring issues. These weight cuts are eventually going to result in the loss of life.

We’ll keep you posted if any of these fighters move up in weight, heeding the words of the CSAC.

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