Cub Swanson has been removed from UFC rankings, uh oh.

Cub Swanson has been removed from UFC rankings, uh oh.

Could this mean negotiations with Cub and the UFC are not going well?

Cub Swanson (25-8) is without a doubt one of the most exciting Featherweights on the planet. He shows up and puts on crazy scraps every time he fights. He’s been around a long time and is no longer willing to accept less than what he feels he is worth. His last fight on his current contract was against Brian Ortega, a fight he lost. Now he finds himself a free agent, negotiating for a new contract with the UFC.

Without a doubt, the UFC is looking to parlay his loss to Ortega into a smaller offer which makes sense from a business standpoint by and large. That said, with a fighter as popular and talented as Cub Swanson, you should make certain allowances to keep him on board. It’s not a good sign when a fighter randomly disappears from the UFC Rankings. Cub has done just that.

Zane Simon, of Bloody Elbow, tweeted the fact that Cub had been removed and suggested it might be a sign negotiations between the UFC and Cub aren’t going swimmingly. Here’s the mentioned tweet.

If Cub moves on, you have to imagine both Bellator and the PFL would be thrilled to sign him. Bellator has signed plenty of UFC fighters and Cub would be one of the bigger acquisitions. Also, with PFL holding their one million dollar season, Cub might be interested to jump into the fray there and try to pull down a cool million dollars. That’s the beauty of being a free agent, you have choices.

Hopefully, the contract situation is resolved one way or the other and we can see Cub back in the cage doing what he does best.