Cris Cyborg cleared of USADA anti-doping violation

Cris Cyborg cleared of USADA anti-doping violation

Cris Cyborg has been in the news a lot since UFC 208. With the UFC featherweight title fight panning out the way it did, many were wondering what could have been had Cyborg been in the cage. Following Germaine de Randamie’s win, many were also wondering if we would get the chance to see those two go at it for the title.

Well that chance is now possible. Cris Cyborg announced moments ago that she has been cleared by USADA in regards to a December test that produced a positive result for a banned diuretic.

Gotta love the choice of picture in that post by Cyborg.

The USADA release stated:

“Thorough investigation of the circumstances that preceded her positive test, including a review of medical history, the agency accepted her explanation that using the diuretic was in accordance with her physician’s recommendation for the treatment of a legitimate medical condition.”

“Nonetheless, because Spironolactone is prohibited at all times under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, USADA advised Justino that her use of the medication without a valid TUE violated the UFC Anti-Doping Policy. Accordingly, Justino applied for a TUE to authorize her use of the medication, with retroactive effect.”

To put it simply, Cyborg was granted a retroactive therapeutic use exemption (TUE). To receive the exemption, Cyborg had to submit medical records showing a verifiable medical diagnosis and real medical need for the diuretic.

This is a massive win for Cyborg as a ruling the other way could have resulted in a lengthy suspension. Featherweight divisions all over the world are now on notice, Cyborg is ready to rock.