Dada 5000 claims possible poisoning ahead of Kimbo fight

Dada 5000 claims possible poisoning ahead of Kimbo fight

Dhafir ‘Dada 5000’ Harris is a name that hasn’t been mentioned in MMA circles for quite a few months. For those new to the world of mixed martial arts that, Harris had a real-life beef with the late Kimbo Slice and the two met in the co-main event of Bellator 149 to settle their differences. The match ended up being one of the most talked about fights for all the wrong reasons and saw Harris nearly lose his life.Dada 5000 claims possible poisoning ahead of Kimbo fight

Dhafir was stretchered out of the cage and had a lengthy stay in the hospital after suffering kidney failure and two heart attacks. Dada is now claiming that things may not have been on the up and up before the match got under way.

Speaking with Paul Gant of the Go4It show, Harris now eludes to the fact that he very well may have been poisoned before his fight with Kimbo.

“Listen, I’m not insinuating. Something in the water was definitely not clean. I came there to compete. Kimbo’s been there before. This is my first time being on the level of that magnitude, right? But I had been on various other levels. I already was prominent, I already was a figure, already was known to millions of individuals worldwide prior to me coming to Bellator. I took on certain things and they seen that there was no fear inside me, and all I’m saying is what happened to me. Who did it? That remains to be seen.”

Dada 5000 claims possible poisoning ahead of Kimbo fightWhile Dada did not look to be in great shape in the cage, these are still some pretty heavy allegations. He didn’t stop there, however, as Harris went on to insinuate that Kimbo was on steroids and that the promotion knew about it.

“I really feel like it was designed for Kimbo Slice to come out on steroids and just destroy me in front of the world, and make me and the backyard movement look like a laughing joke. It didn’t look like that. I still lasted to the third round.”

Like any interview, it’s best when heard in his own words. Click the link below and give a listen before drawing your own conclusions.

Paul Gant with Dhafir ‘Dada 5000’ Harris


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