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Dan Henderson behind the scenes video from Pride Final Conflict 2003

Dan Henderson met Murilo Bustamante at Final Conflict 2003

To say I remember Pride FC’s Grand Prix fondly is really understating the case. It was an incredible tournament and the height of Wanderlei Silva’s Pride career. I stumbled across the video of behind the scenes happenings with Dan Henderson. Dan is there with Team Quest members Randy Couture and Nate Quarry.

The video shows highlights from the weigh-ins as well as the day of the event, Dan warming up with Randy and Nate backstage before facing Bustamante. Randy Couture, Nate Quarry, and Bas Rutten all make fight predictions and they are spot on.

Dan won the fight in a mere 53 seconds.

Video credit goes to the Bad Guy, Chael Sonnen.