A less than thrilled Dana White talks UFC 208 with Megan Olivi

A less than thrilled Dana White talks UFC 208 with Megan Olivi

Dana White spoke to Megan Olivi about UFC 208

Oh Dana, such a character.  When asked what his favorite aspect of UFC 208 was, Dana White paused, and responded “The plane ride home.” Megan quickly pointed out the firefight between Miller and Poirier and Dana perked up a bit.  He commented on how good the fight was, and how Poirier may have broken his leg in the process.  Dana said, “Poirier and Miller was awesome, those guys gave it everything they had.”

He commented on the Anderson Silva victory over Derek Brunson as well.  His take on the decision was like most others. “Yeah, I agree, I had it one to one going into the third round and I gave the round to Brunson. One of the things I say all the time and I’ll say it again, you’ve got to beat the judges too. You can not leave it in the hands of the judges.”

Dana praised Jacare for being willing to fight anyone, at anytime.

All in all Dana didn’t seem thrilled about the card as a whole.  He as much while addressing the referee situation in the main event. “If that referee takes a point, we have a draw.  The only way this night could have been any s*hittier.”  Well, I guess that speaks volumes.

He added that Cris Cyborg Santos is next for a title shot after she clears her hurdles and he believes Holly Holm will go back to 135 pounds.

It was an odd night between judging errors, referee errors and nine decisions in ten fights.