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Dana White on McGregor vs Floyd: “It’s progressing, but nowhere near being done.”

When Dana White told TMZ Sports that the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight was ‘progressing’, I have a feeling he was stretching the truth. I do believe that it is nowhere near being done, though. There are so many different variables to getting this fight set up that most people say it will never happen.

The fight that casual fans have been clamoring for, has been talked about to death. The people involved with making this fight (Dana, Conor, Floyd, Floyd’s Team, UFC)… All have so much on their plate and it doesn’t involve Floyd vs Conor.

Of course, the money is the driving factor to making it happen. However, it’s also the same thing that nobody can agree upon. It is ‘who gets what’ that will hold this whole thing up. Until someone gives in, it will continue to be nowhere near getting done.

Can you see Floyd, Dana, or Conor giving up money? I don’t either. We may be waiting a long time for this one.