Dana White and Brendan Schaub go at each other via Instagram

Dana White and Brendan Schaub go at each other via Instagram

Brendan Schaub likes to hear himself talk, Dana White prefers he doesn’t

Brendan Schaub has really become opinionated in the past year. It seems like he always had an opinion on things, but once Showtime hired him for the May/Mac fiasco he seemed bolstered in confidence. He has no problem passing off his opinions as facts, and at times, has to take his medicine.

He was speaking on how fighters to transition into MMA from kickboxing, boxing etc are often overhyped and their standup does not translate directly to MMA like many feel it would. It’s a sentiment that makes sense, as you have to be a complete mixed martial artist to enjoy success at the top of the sport.

That said, the former kickboxer and recent UFC budding star Israel Adesanya, took exception to what Schaub had to say and called him on it.  So Israel put up a little Instagram video mocking Brendan. That probably ends it right? Wrong! Dana White stepped in and slammed Brendan, big time! Schaub responded to Dana and let’s just say, it’s clear they are not besties by any stretch of the imagination.

Ssshhhh…🤫 #ithinkyoudbesurprised

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Dana White couldn’t help himself and choose to comment in a pretty big way and Schaub replied in similar fashion. It’s a mess, and it’s silly and kind of embarrassing.

Sometimes Social Media is too much for people to handle.