More info on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series

Contender Series to feature 5 fights per weekly show.

The UFC released some additional information about the new Contender Series that is set to air in July on FightPass and it looks pretty interesting.  The show will feature both up and coming fighters as well as veterans.  It will be an avenue for Dana White, and UFC matchmakers Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard to find talent for the UFC.

The show will be filmed in the Ultimate Fighter gym, and the fights will be governed by the NSAC. The fights, five weekly, will all air on the UFC’s streaming service, FightPass.  It is basically a tool to find the next stars of the UFC and will provide the fans with five weekly flights to be entertained by.

Both men and women will appear on the Contender Series, and all weight classes are open. It is not known how at this time fighters will be chosen to fight on the program. I am sure that will be cleared up in the weeks to come. It looks like a great avenue for fighters to break into the UFC. For the fans, it’s five free flights a week.  Win/Win.