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Dana White and Matt Hughes share emotional moment at doc release

By now, everyone knows that Matt Hughes almost lost his life when he was hit by a train. Hughes survived and has fought his way back from the brink. In honor of his perseverance and will to live, the UFC made a documentary about Hughes’ life and released it at the Conor/Khabib presser. White and Hughes shared a moment on stage that will last a lifetime for both and will likely resonate with fans.

Personally, I haven’t heard Matt Hughes speak since the accident and I was unaware that he is still so damaged. He looks so good that I thought he was almost back to full health. Clearly, he has a long way to go and you can see how that effects Dana.

Seeing the two old friends on stage sharing their history together is heartwarming, especially because Dana doesn’t rattle easily. This is a very sad story and at the same time, a triumphant one.