Dana White: “The next fight could be Conor vs. Khabib.”

Dana White: “The next fight could be Conor vs. Khabib.”

And just like that the lightweight title picture got even more interesting. Over the past few days there was talk from Jose Aldo about being offered an interim lightweight title match and current champ Conor McGregor maintaining that he’s not relinquishing his title anytime soon. Then there’s #1 contender Khabib Nurmagomedov practically pleading for a fight with Conor while allegedly turning one down with Aldo. Well, add another wrinkle to that equation.

While speaking with FOX5 in New York promoting UFC 208, UFC president Dana White discussed the company’s interest in putting on an invent in Russia. “We’re focused very heavily on Russia right now. There’s tons of talent coming out of Russia, and a lot of fans. There’s a fighter named Khabib who’s from Russia, and he’s insanely popular. The next fight could be Conor vs. Khabib.”

Could be is the integral phrase there. As we’ve seen with the UFC anything can or cannot happen, no matter how much it is being talked about. A match bewteen Conor and #1 ranked lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov has been talked about heavily ever since Conor claimed the title at UFC 205.