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UFC President Dana White not too interested in signing former NFL player, Greg Hardy

While we writers in MMA certainly appreciate TMZ Sports always chasing after the big quote or story, they often get shut down hard. TMZ Sports were fishing for a golden reveal with UFC President Dana White about possibly signing former NFL player, Greg Hardy. Considering Hardy just started training in MMA, the ‘Freakshow Fight’ didn’t seem to be something White was interested in.

“I don’t know. It’s tough. We’ve tried some of these things before and, you know, they don’t always work out. You’ve gotta understand, a lot of these fighters have been training since they were kids. This guy was training to play football and became great at it, but fighting is all whole other ballgame, man. He would have to win some SERIOUS fights to get on our radar.”

Translation: “James Toney and CM Punk were rough experiments for us. Signing a guy who was convicted of domestic abuse, busted for cocaine possession, and had one Pro-Bowl season… isn’t going to help our business. So, at the moment, no, we aren’t looking at Greg Hardy.”

Here’s Greg Hardy doing some mitt work: