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RQMS Podcast Ep 15: Dana White In Thailand + Ridiculous Stories

Mike and Marc are back with episode 15 of the ‘Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast’. The bossman, Dana White, just left Thailand and the guys go over some of the things that they did while hosting Dana on his vacation. Of course, they discuss Dana meeting Tuptim, the girl whose life Dana saved eight years ago. It was Dana’s first time meeting the little girl and it was the number one priority on his agenda.

The boys move on from there and go off the rails a bit. In fact, one could say that Marc finally met the real Mike Swick. After twenty years of friendship, Marc learns thing that he never even knew about his bestie.

Listen to how Mike was in the ROTC, Marc is stylish from the waist up, and how Charles “MASK’ Lewis ended (or didn’t end) conversations.

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