Hey Dana White… Who do you think is the ‘Tom Brady’ of the UFC?

Hey Dana White… Who do you think is the ‘Tom Brady’ of the UFC?

In the spirit of today’s Super Bowl, we mix some football with our MMA. TMZ Sports interviewed UFC President Dana White and asked him about all things Tom Brady. Dana has made it no secret that the New England Patriots are his team and Tom Brady is his guy.

Shoot, Tom is everyone’s hero. If you hate him, odds are he has spanked your hometown football team on more than one occasion. So when Team TMZ asks him, ‘Who is the Tom Brady of the UFC?’ you’d think they asked him to compare a fighter to Jesus Christ.

“There’s a lot of Tom Brady’s here. In the UFC, if you break into the top 5 or become a world champion; It’s very tough to do. You are a stud. If I had to pick one guy, it’d have to be Anderson Silva. If you look at Anderson Silva and what he’s done, how long he’s been in the game, and how he carries himself… I’d have to say Anderson Silva.”

Dana White may have taken the words right out of my mouth, when he was asked if Anderson was as handsome as Tom.

“Very few people are. Tom Brady is my man crush.”

Mine, too Dana. Mine too. Until Anderson Silva has a supermodel wife, is a scratch golfer, and wins as many Super Bowls as Tom… he’ll just be Anderson Silva.