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Luke Rockhold and Dana White exchange some heated Tweets

Fighters and Company Presidents fighting in public via Social Media, yikes.

I don’t remember a time when there were so many fighters who had issues with their employer as right now in the UFC. There seems to be a major disconnect between the fighters who want fair treatment and pay, and the owners who are looking to make the biggest fights possible, rankings be damned. That said, when Dana White tweets, at a fighter, it’s getting real.

Usually, it sparks some ugly moments like Al Iaquinta’s recent twitter rampage, but it doesn’t normally get to the point where the company president and one of their top fighters are slinging insults via social media. Sheesh.

Luke Rockhold and a handful of other fighters were not at all thrilled about GSP cutting the line and taking a title shot at Middleweight, despite never having fought at the weight class before, and taking a few years off to gather himself. Dana White said title shots had to be earned, and almost immediately everyone let out a frustrated groan.  Here’s what Luke had to say via Twitter.

Dana White took the time to answer Luke on Twitter, and well, I’m not so sure it’s going to go over well with Luke.

Well, there you go. Luke clearly angered Dana and Dana fired off a snarky reply to Luke. Is this how we’re doing business in 2017? Ask for fights, fight on Twitter and air all the dirty laundry in public?  I hope so, are you not entertained?