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Daniel Cormier apologizes to Stipe for having to endure post-fight antics

Daniel Cormier wanted to make sure he apologized to Stipe Miocic

In the minutes after Daniel Cormier knocked out Stipe Miocic and became the heavyweight champion, things got a little weird. In fact, they got a lot weird. DC called Lesnar into the cage, and Lesnar and DC did what can best be described as a promo for an upcoming fight. The performances were horrendous and the whole thing smacked of WWE, well, that’s overstating it. It was more like TNA. Meanwhile, former champion Stipe Miocic had to sit there and watch.

Stipe sent a message to DC after their fight congratulating the new champion. It was a classy move from a good guy and a great fighter.

Daniel Cormier has been doing the interview circuit since becoming champ-champ. He was a guest on the Real Quick with Mike Swick podcast this week as well. DC also sat down with Damon Martin, and he wanted to make sure he had the chance to apologize to Stipe for events after their fight. Here’s an excerpt from that interview with Damon Martin from MMA Weekly.

“I’m glad I’m getting to talk to you cause I haven’t done this yet. I was thinking about it a lot yesterday and I was thinking about it this morning and ever since Stipe sent me that message, do it again, congratulations and all that, when you get in the moment of some of the stuff that’s happening, you don’t stop and think about everyone else. I was in fight mode and then fight build mode with Lesnar so I kind of feel bad that Stipe had to kind of sit through that after the fight. 

“So I kind of want to apologize to him for the f*cking sh*tshow that was going on in the Octagon after our fight. Cause it seemed like he kind of had to sit there and listen to me and Brock hollering at each other. He’s a big man and a champion for even doing that. I’m glad they didn’t interview him afterwards cause you know that can turn out bad like with me. For him to have to sit through that, that kind of sucked and I wanted to apologize to him for that.”

Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier are both great guys and embody what is best about MMA. A lot of younger fighters could do well to emulate their behavior outside of the cage.