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Daniel Cormier reveals what ‘Sandblasting prostitutes’ means.

At the UFC summer kickoff presser, Daniel Cormier said one of the things Jon Jones may do to ruin their fight from happening, is being busy sandblasting prostitutes. Everyone laughed because DC used the words blasting and prostitutes in the same sentence. In truth, 90% of us regular folk had no idea what he meant. We all just figured the worst, but DC reveals what it’s actual meaning is.

“I guess it means, you take the cocaine, put it on the prostitute, snort it, and then blow your face in it. I guess it makes a cloud of cocaine in the room while the prostitute is laying on her back. This is what (Luke) Rockhold told me it is.”

Of course it was Luke Rockhold who told DC what ‘sandblasting’ was. He’s like the older kid on the block who knows the perverted names for everything and tells all the kids in the neighborhood.