Sneakerhead Daniel Cormier goes shoe shopping with Complex

Sneakerhead Daniel Cormier goes shoe shopping with Complex

Daniel Cormier is fighting for shoe money, who knew?

Daniel Cormier is a bad man. He is among the elite in MMA and is also a talented commentator and analyst. However, did you know one of his true loves is sneakers? It’s true. Daniel Cormier has a super strong shoe game. In fact, he might have the best sneaker game in MMA.

He said in this video that Reebok makes Joanna Jedrzejczyk gets some dope kicks, and Conor McGregor might have the most expensive shoe collection, but when it comes to good old-fashioned sneakers, it’s DC’s world. DC told a funny story about Rumble Johnson thinking he had some amazing shoes, but DC had him one-upped.

An interesting aspect of the video is Daniel said he feels like Conor McGregor is the only fighter in MMA whose star power could push shoe sales outside of the sport. Meaning, if they were to produce a McGregor shoe (think Jordan’s etc) he has the power to make that a reality and the popularity to push sales.

After Daniel waxes philosophical about sneakers, he picks some off the shelf. It’s definitely worth watching. Daniel buys two pairs of shoes and pays a healthy $1716.for them. He picked up the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s.  I LOVE those shoes. Hey Mike, I need a raise, boss. I have to get my Yeezys.