Daniel Cormier vs pro wrestlers went down on Twitter

Daniel Cormier vs pro wrestlers went down on Twitter

Twitter beef is the best. Everyone puts their dirty laundry out there for all of us to see. Wrestlers beefing with Daniel Cormier is even better though. I could seriously watch DC argue with pro wrestlers who can’t seem to grasp what he is saying. At all.

Daniel Cormier is never one to hold back how he feels about something; Especially pro wrestling. He is a huge pro wrestling mark and like everyone on Earth, has his own opinions. However, DC is a public figure; So when he says something, it has an impact.

Enter the latest keyboard pounding tweet-off. It all started innocently enough. Someone posted a pro wrestling sequence that was pretty corny and Cormier did not like what he saw.

DC expressed how he did not like the flipping flippy flippyness and pro wrestlers came out of the woodwork to tell him he wasn’t allowed an opinion.


Who knew that pro wrestlers were so sensitive?