Darren Till comes off pretty badly in comments about his child

Darren Till comes off pretty badly in comments about his child

Darren Till will have the opportunity to become welterweight champion at UFC 228

To say Darren Till is single-minded of purpose smacks of understatement. During a media scrum as part of the UFC 227 fight weekend, he made some comments that people looking at him differently. Darren doesn’t care about money, fast cars, gold belts or what you think. His only concern is that when he hangs up his gloves, he’s considered the best to have ever done it.

It’s good to have lofty goals, but not at the expense of family. MMA Fighting posted a snippet of a video in which Darren says he has a girlfriend who is 7 months pregnant and he basically doesn’t care. He then went on to add he has a daughter in Brazil he doesn’t see, and he doesn’t care about that either.

A lot of men have to jump through hoops and log long hours in court for the right to see their kids, so for Till to basically say he doesn’t care if he sees them is going to ruffle some feathers. He’s young, but he’s old enough to understand that his words have power. I have a feeling these comments aren’t going to increase his popularity. He’s managed to do with 30 seconds what Colby hasn’t achieved in two years. Get over as a heel.

Darren Till will meet Tyron Woodley at UFC 228 for the Welterweight Championship.