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Darren Till involved in some kind of brush up outside Liverpool club

Darren Till seemed to be upset and actually kicked one individual.

Things should be good for Darren Till these days. Sure, he can’t tell the difference between Spar and Spa, but still, he has an upcoming title fight on the books. Despite what should be all sunshine and rainbows doesn’t seem to be the case. Darren Till was recently captured on video in some kind of late night parking lot shenanigans.

I’m not sure what set Till off here, but he seems upset at more than one person. He hits the guy with a punch to the face, and then follows him and kicks him for good measure. The individual seemed to be ok, and the strikes didn’t land with an abundance of force. Still, not a good situation.  I’m not sure I’d want to run into an angry Darren Till outside a Liverpool club, but I’m also not sure it’s how Till needs to be spending his time. Get out of the club and get into the gym.

We found the video online and want to thank MMA Bible for posting it for us to share. Make sure to give them a follow here.