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You saw DC vs Jones on Twitter. Now DC and Jimi Manuwa are trading barbs.

We knew that after Daniel Cormier’s recent win over Anthony Johnson, we’d see DC and Jon Jones go after each other. What wasn’t expected, was Jimi Manuwa entering the mix.

Usually Jimi is very soft spoken and doesn’t talk much. However, being this close to a title shot has made him understand that he may need to make some noise to get what he wants. Unfortunately for Jimi, he is trying to match verbal jabs with one of the best mouthpieces in the game today.

It looks like Jimi may have poked the hornet’s nest enough to get this fight. If Cormier wants to stay active, Manuwa is the only real option for him. While Jones versus DC is the fight that everyone wants, Jones’ extracurriculars have forced him out until after the summer.

Jimi and DC will be fighting, if Cormier wants to get one in before Jones returns.