Daniel Cormier doesn’t think Ronda Rousey can dominate at this point

Daniel Cormier doesn’t think Ronda Rousey can dominate at this point

DC isn’t shy, he was talking again, about Ronda Rousey and his upcoming Rumble Johnson fight

Daniel Cormier doesn’t pull his punches in or outside of the Octagon.  He’s outspoken and isn’t at all shy to give his opinions on all matters.  He spoke with TMZ about Ronda Rousey, his upcoming UFC bout with Rumble Johnson and whether he’ll ever get in the cage again with Jon Jones.  Here’s what he had to say.

“Can she be the person she was a couple of years ago? I don’t think so. This game has evolved to a point where it would be difficult. Especially if your game is limited. Again, I love Ronda, but her boxing hasn’t seemed to improve, she doesn’t kick, I don’t think she’s ever kicked. So to have to go out there and have to throw someone down and grapple with them, I don’t know if that works anymore.”” …….Can she go out there and win some fights, yes.”

He said he was going to stand and box with Anthony Johnson, he added, “No wrestling, only boxing. If Rumble wants to box, we’ll box. Let’s go, he said he’s gonna knock me out. I’m going to knock him out.”  When pressed he conceded, “That my intention, now if stuff starts to go sideways, there may be an audible. I might call an audible. I can’t really promise I’m gonna stick to the gameplan.  It is my intention to stand with that man.”

He spoke about fighting Jon Jones down the road. “At some point it’ll be me and Jones and it’ll be exactly what I’ve been waiting for, for two years.”