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DC staying true to his word. When he’s done, he is DONE

Everyone is trying to chance Daniel Cormier’s mind about retiring at 40 years old. Why shouldn’t they? At 39 years of age, DC is more popular, fighting his best, and richer than he’s ever been. However, he said he was done when he turns 40 and it looks like he’s staying true to those words.

“Any number, when you start talking about millions, is a lot of money. The reality is, I’ve made up my mind and come to peace with it. I truly do believe that what I have in my career outside of fighting is going to allow me opportunities that… I’m going to see numbers that I’ve never really seen in fighting.”

Roughly translated:

‘Sure, I’m at the peak of my athletic career but I don’t want to hang around too long. Daddy needs to have all of his faculties when he goes Hollywood.’

DC is getting out when he wants to and it sounds like he has some money making camera time waiting for him once he hangs up the gloves.