Germaine de Randamie “I am not a dirty fighter”

Germaine de Randamie “I am not a dirty fighter”

Controversy ruled the day as Germaine de Randamie hit Holly Holm after the belt in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  Here’s what she has to say regarding the incidents

During the UFC 208 PPV, the Featherweight title match between Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie had a couple of unfortunate late punches to Holly Holm.  The shot landed at the end of the second round was really solid and wobbled Holm noticeably. She was hurt, and the shot landed well after the horn to end the round.

Now, people have been arguing whether a point should have been taken, and we gave you Big John McCarty’s take right here.  The horn is to notify the referees that the round has ended. It is then their job to call a halt to the action in the cage.  If you watch the replay of the late hits, they came after the bell, but not after the referee stepped in to end the round.  So no points should have been deducted.

Joe Rogan certainly wasn’t shy in levying his opinion. He stated repeatedly how bad the late shots were, and how they should result in a point deduction.  In fact, it’s all he’d talk about for a while there.  We heard Holly say after the fight that she felt they were intentional, and she’d lost some respect for de Randamie as a result.  The only person we weren’t hearing from was Germaine de Randamie, until now.  She posted something to her Facebook, and her manager Brian Butler took to Instagram to give it a wider audience.

Here’s what “The Iron Lady” thinks about the situation, in her own words.

Let’s make it crystal clear then. @ironladymma

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It remains to be seen if that rematch will take place. Germaine apparently has a hand injury that needs surgery as well. If and when this clears up at all, we’ll bring it you.