Deontay Wilder goes HAM on Twitter about Anthony Joshua

Deontay Wilder goes HAM on Twitter about Anthony Joshua

The fight world has a lot of he said/she said in it. Before MMA managers injected themselves into everything, it was boxing managers who held that title. Most recently, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder have been going back and forth about who won’t sign the contract, etc. Wilder has seen enough and went HAM on Twitter.

In responding to Eddie Hearn, who represents Anthony Joshua, Wilder called bullshit on Hearn’s claims. Hearn said their side did everything possible for the Wilder fight, but it was Wilder who didn’t want to fight Joshua. Wilder then laid into Hearn:

“Nah it’s totally the opposite trust that only fools at this point believe anything they said and in the end, if it don’t happen I will reveal all the proof and we’ll see who truly held this fight up. #IGotProof. The emails don’t lie. Just wait.

All they had to do is say they were scared to fight, period. But instead made themselves look like what they are not stand up guys and fucking scammers. If your scared, say you’re scared. He can just be the champ of England. F**k them.

Stop with the bullshit. We did it all! You f*****s didn’t want this work, you scared MFers. You talk shit but can’t back nothing up you coward and now the ppl see the truth. I’m so happy it’s over now. I’ve done my part, the world seen that, so stay in England with that BS.

Over here we understand and can identify a coward ass bitch. I knew I smelt pussy, lmao smdh. I’m so happy the Bullshit is done and p.s. f**k your offer bitch. We will have the last laugh, I promise you this.

I knew I smelt pussy but damn @anthonyfjoshua, I didn’t know the odor was that strong you coward ass bitch. Had the world waiting for 3 months playing games just for this moment. You’re not a true champion‼️ you’re just a weak-minded coward that’s holding hard metal.”

God bless social media for allowing us access to this kind of stuff.