Derek Brunson puts UFC 208 judges on blast

Derek Brunson puts UFC 208 judges on blast

Last night was not the greatest night if you were an MMA judge. UFC 208’s two marquee bouts ended in a bit of controversy as many had the fights scored opposite of the official decision.

With that, we have our first UFC women’s featherweight champion in Germain de Randamie, and a VERY upset Derek Brunson.

Brunson lost to Anderson Silva by unanimous decision, and it shocked just about everyone that watched the fight. Consider the statistics below:

Derek Brunson puts judges on blast

While there can always be the rare case where the numbers don’t always tell the story, this simply is not one of those times. Brunson took to social media afterwards to voice his displeasure:

Dana White was quoted after the fight as saying that he scored the fight for Brunson as well.

“I had Brunson winning. I actually had the fight one [round] to one [round] going into the third round and I gave the third round to Brunson,” White said. “Brunson sent me a text, he’s obviously very upset and he says ‘listen this is how I support my family, now I won’t get my win bonus when I feel like I won the fight’. It’s one of those things, I say it all the time — if you don’t want to get screwed by the judges, don’t let it go to the judges.”

That makes two losses in a row now for Brunson. If it’s any consolation, he may have won himself a boatload of new fans, which could work in his favor in his next fight booking, despite the losing streak.