Colby Covington gets on the bad side of Derrick Lewis, yikes.

Colby Covington gets on the bad side of Derrick Lewis, yikes.

Hey Colby Covington, you might want to avoid making Derrick Lewis mad.

At one point in time, I am sure Colby Covington sat around his evil lair thinking of great ways to be a mega-heel and get himself noticed. He came up with jewels like, “I’ll slap water out of an older guy’s hands.” Then there was the “I’ll mush this chubby guy in the face with his pizza.” Don’t forget the instant classic, “I’ll post Star Wars spoilers and call people nerds and virgins.”  Yep, he had it all lined out.

His plans have hit occasional speed bumps. I mean, he did take a boomerang to the face in Australia. He did get popped by a heavyweight and run to call whatever the Australian version of 911 is. Yes, he lost some street cred by calling the cops, but I’m sure he’ll get it back in his next video when he kicks out a leg of someone’s plastic chair or steps on some poor person’s shoelaces as they’re walking.

All this being said, there are some people you should steer clear of. Derrick Lewis is one of those people. He was recently on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and had the following to say about Colby allegedly talking about him badly.

“While we’re on the mic, f*ck Colby, whatever his name is. F*ck you, motherf*cker. Just so you heard that. Go ahead and put that out there. I heard he was talking sh*t. He’s one of those boys that wears Polo shirts and as soon as you touch him, he’s going to call the cops on you. One of them preppy motherf*ckers. I don’t know where it was, I just heard he was talking sh*t.”

There you go, now you’ve done it. You angered Derrick Lewis. He won’t track down and smack with a boomerang. He’ll see you at an event and smack you dead in the mouth. I say we start a Go Fund Me right now for Derrick’s legal defense. Of course, if the judge knows Colby, he’ll certainly understand.

Colby responded of course.

Never one to be outdone, Colby responded to Lewis in typical form. He appeared on a radio show at BJ Penn and had this to say.

“Lewis is a fat piece of trash. Let’s be honest. He could barely even touch his toes. I’m overhearing he’s calling me preppy. Oh what, I’m preppy because I’m educated and I’m a handsome man with an eight pack. Come on, let’s be honest. The heavyweight division is the weakest division in the UFC. Come on, Tim Sylvia was heavyweight champ and he had two left feet.  They’re all betas. I’m an alpha. Derrick Lewis is a complete joke. Last time he came to American Top Team, he got left in a stretcher by Steve Mocco. So, Derrick Lewis should probably shut his mouth. He’s gonna make himself look real stupid.”

Pot meet kettle.