Derrick Lewis on Greg Hardy, “I don’t like guys like that.”

Derrick Lewis on Greg Hardy, “I don’t like guys like that.”

Derrick Lewis isn’t a fan of new UFC Heavyweight Greg Hardy, at all.

Derrick Lewis has a certain type he openly dislikes. It’s guys who have hit women, and he’s happy to teach them a lesson in the Octagon. Lewis was a guest on UFC Tonight and he was asked about Hardy and wasn’t shy about his response.  He said,

“I think he looked good, but as soon as the fight ended, I started thinking about his ex. I was like, I wonder if he had hit her like that.”

Derrick Lewis grew up in a house where there was domestic violence and as a result, he has an especially low tolerance of it. He spoke regarding that as well.

“I don’t know, man. I really don’t like guys like that because I grew up with a troubled past, and I saw my stepdad fight my mom just about every single day. Don’t even remember one day they didn’t go without arguing or fighting.”

One thing is for sure, the UFC is going to want to protect their new investment, and Derrick Lewis isn’t getting anywhere near Greg Hardy in the Octagon for a long time. Hardy is likely going to face a series of over the hill journeymen and newcomers to establish a strong record before the UFC lets him go with someone like Lewis. That being said, it’s sure nice to think about.