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Derrick Lewis picks up a huge and helpful sponsor… For his hot balls.

Buckle up, kids. This one is going to be a little out of the ordinary. However, it will be very helpful for all of you who may suffer from something that plagues millions of men every man on Earth; Hot balls.

UFC heavyweight and resident funny man, Derrick Lewis, has picked up a very practical sponsor. ‘Ballwash by Ballsy’ offers products for men out there who have overheating or pungent testicles. That’s right; Products to keep your balls fresh.

We know that ‘Dude Wipes’ keep your crack intact. But, ‘Ballwash’ lotions and sprays keep your nuts smelling like a brisk forest and not like dirty duck butter.

After Lewis took his shorts off in the cage a few weeks ago he claimed that his balls were hot. Going into his fight with Daniel Cormier tomorrow night, I suspect that no one will have a cooler or fresher sack than Mr. Lewis.

“Live, Balls Out”