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Just another night in Stockton, Diaz Brothers are going to Diaz

The Diaz Brothers are in the news this weekend, I love it!

You hear a lot of things from the Diaz brothers, and you usually try and take them with a grain of salt and a smile, but sometimes, it’s just too much. Both of the Diaz brothers had things to say about GSP this week and his fight with Nick Diaz back at UFC 158 in 2013.

He said he knew he was poisoned because after an IV in Montreal his sleep pattern way WAY off. Here are his words on the subject when he spoke to TMZ.

“They gave me some kind of weird-ass drug in my IV”  He added.  “I never slept more than five or six hours a night during his entire fighting career, but he slept for 14 hours the night before his title bout with St-Pierre.”

Well, that seems like solid evidence doesn’t it? Not to be outdone, Nate claimed that GSP was on steroids when he fought Nick. He didn’t provide as compelling of evidence as his brother did of his poisoning, but he’s pretty positive.

Lastly, it seems like Nate Diaz and Clay Guida were involved in a skirmish at an MMA event last night that left Guida with a bloody lip, and TUF 27 contestant Tyler Diamond the victim of the legendary Stockton Slap.

209! Stockton, wut!