Diaz-Lawler 2 was almost a reality

Diaz-Lawler 2 was almost a reality

We broke the news back in December that Nick Diaz is looking to make his long awaited return to the octagon at UFC 209 this coming March. We last saw Diaz in the cage at UFC 183 in a decision loss to Anderson Silva which was later ruled a No Contest. Following the bout, Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites and was subsequently suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

According to UFC commentator Joe Rogan, a Nick Diaz – Robbie Lawler rematch was offered but ultimately shot down.

“Apparently they offered Nick Diaz Robbie Lawler and Nick passed on it. That’s the word. That’s the word behind the scenes. I wanted to see that fight. I would love to see that rematch. But I think Nick wants a fucking title fight. I think Nick is like, look I want a big, big name or a title fight.”

It would be very, very difficult for the division to buy a title fight for Diaz considering he last won in the octagon in 2011 in a unanimous decision win over B.J. Penn. In Diaz’ current stint with the UFC he has fought Penn, Carlos Condit, Georges St. Pierre, and Anderson Silva. Big names against Diaz seems to be how to book him. And for good reason, he has the talent and the fan base to sell fights.

Diaz-Lawler 2 was almost a realityDiaz and Lawler first met back in 2004 at UFC 47 where Diaz scored a 2nd round KO victory. Fight fans would be on board for another showdown and a rematch would not be difficult to sell. Tyron Woodley has been angling for a fight with Nick Diaz seeing, it as a big money fight. And while Woodley and Diaz might be on the same page, UFC president Dana White might not be reading that book:

“When you look at the title picture,  what guys sell pay-per-views? I think Woodley is a bigger star now that he beat Wonderboy but he still – Dana and I were having this conversation and he’s like, ‘you can’t have Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz hasn’t won a fight since 2011. You can’t have him step in and just go right up to the title and fight. I said, ‘but I want to see it,’ and he goes ‘I want to see it too but you can’t do that.’”

There is still no word yet on who Nick Diaz will be fighting but it’s a safe bet that no matter who the opponent is we will be in for a big fight.



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