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BJJ Player gets his foot dislocated, and it’s pretty disgusting.

Don’t watch this if you’re eating lunch, trust me.

Yesterday during the Mundials a fighter refused to tap when he was stuck in an ankle lock. It turned out to be a mistake. Romulo Barral was grappling against Patrick Gaudio in the med Heavyweight Semifinal. He was caught by Gaudio and his toughness was on full display as even though his ankle was badly contorted and his foot dislocated, he refused to tap. Amazing.

The Gracie Barra fighter showed amazing heart not tapping to the submission, and was up on his own feet moments after the match when his foot was popped back into place. These guys are tough!

Flo Grappling was awesome enough to post the video as part of their coverage of the event, and we’re sharing it with you guy.  If you’re not following them, get on it.  Yikes, this video is gnarly!