Dominick Cruz claims Brock Lesnar is “100 percent, absolutely” doping.

Dominick Cruz doesn’t expect Brock Lesnar to make it into the Octagon

A whole bunch has been seen about Brock Lesnar and his appearance in the Octagon after UFC 226. We posted the video a week ago, but you can still see it right here. Long story short, Dominick Cruz feels Brock Lesnar is doping and won’t be able to slide passed USADA and make it into the Octagon.

Dominick Cruz was recently a guest on the Scott and BR radio show in San Diego that he felt Lesnar would not be able to slide by USADA and fight Daniel Cormier. He was quoted as saying the following when questioned about Lesnar using steroids.

“Absolutely. One hundred percent. If he makes it to the fight I’d be shocked. I just mean that because USADA is the toughest anti-doping system there is on planet Earth, and that guy is absolutely doping. Period. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And he’s not been in mixed martial arts, so of course he’s been doing that stuff. How they’re going to get him to be clean on fight night is beyond me.”

Lesnar is currently serving a suspension for a previous failed drug test after his last bout in the UFC against Mark Hunt. He will be eligible to fight in the UFC again in January, barring any additional failed tests. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what the future holds for Lesnar, DC and the UFC.